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Reality Kings Website Review

The user interface on this site is pretty much like a canvas for your local shop in Pornville. The texts, windows, overall design, it would very much be suspect for virus sites. But who the hell would be making notice of what’s outside the box when there are crisp and clear pictures of those hot, and I mean hot like, go fly to eastern Europe and take a girl home with you, bring her to a party and start making out while everybody is looking and then just fuck her there. Yeah, exactly like what you see in the videos. The thing is, these girls here, they actually are the type of girls in those wild sex parties. And they are that hot! Not those type of beaten up, coked up, hood rat girls that surely won’t pass off as a teacher or a cop or whatever role their playing. The Reality girls right here are the real thing! All of them! Even the “mommies”! So I would really have to say that the Reality Kings ruling over the porn society as of today.

Site Design

As far as the design and structure of the site, what I stated earlier, it still stands. Yeah, it looks modern; clean but too practical. It doesn’t really stand out, especially in the pay porn site category. The good thing that they definitely did is they made sure that everything is in real HD. So all eyes go directly to the where the lovely, shiny, wet girls are spreading.
From thumbnails to previews, of course just teasers that are long enough to get you reaching in your pants though, all of them are shown in great HD quality. And even when you transition from windows or pages, the images don’t break. You got to give props to that.


They got 38 sites, stemming from the main one, over 11000 videos, in HD under 60 different categories. Now that is definitely a good number of porn to go through.
As far as categories, there are really noteworthy ones that really can get you really riled up, like In The VIP and VIP Crew. And if you got a really nice big led smart TV with the perfectly matched digital surround sound system, their HD videos will even make you feel like you’re in that wild ass party.
And the site is also optimized for mobile, which means anytime you feel like watching some of the girls of Reality Kings go at it, you can do so as long as you have 3g, 4g pr any access to Wi-Fi. Or better yet, why not keep some of them, or a lot. In your phone, tablet or any portable device that can show WMV or MP4 files. Because the sites’ membership will give you access to up to 10 gigabytes of data each day, and additionally up to 15 full length adult movies. And you get data allowance that refreshed every day. So yes, you build your own library of wild kinky fun just by going to the site.


Access to this pantheon of porn is offered in terms monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions. The monthly option costs $29.95, three months for $49.95, which actually is a huge cut since it’s 33% less than the actual total, and an annual membership goes for only $95.40! That 70% that would be taken off! So, instead of doing monthly renewals, which may give you immediate option to discontinue, but face it, porn is a part of our bodily routine already. You can pass off it for a week, a month, two… but a whole year? And we know that already. And still, if you want a sneak peek of the what’s-going-on-inside-the-party, you can actually sign up for a 2 day trial for only $1.00.


They possess a lot of exclusive and fresh scene in the industry. Their site network gets updated daily with new episodes. And with several sites in that network getting daily additions, that means a whole lot of sex is being generated by the people behind Reality Kings. And to top it off, they don’t miss a day without adding something new to the porn manual. That is serious effort and dedication to art of fucking.


Basing on all the rants I can give about everything I was able to see and enjoy inside the Reality Kings’ virtual castle of sex, as opposed to the details that I didn’t appreciate, the crown is definitely on the right throne. Well they have been in the naughty business for more than a decade now. And with that amount of time doing they naturally got thirsty for something refreshing and will make things exciting again. And their doing a good job, well, most of them, in maintaining the level of quality that most of those porn sites out there can’t even reach.

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